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the three million dollar lesson

my fatigue started early

I began working as an entrepreneur at the age of 9. I grew up in a modest, middle-income family, and my parents were pretty frugal. So, I enjoyed the freedom of having my own money. I never thought I would be anything other than an entrepreneur and a business owner.

By age 19, while going to college, I had not only been running a business for a decade while going to school, playing three sports, and “growing up,” I had already bought my first gym and then started a chain of gyms by 21.

I was driven, but while my friends were just getting started, I was already facing my first stint with burnout. I thought the pace of life would slow down, but then motivational seminars, the Internet hit… and I just kept going.

I never stopped working and started to “hit the wall.”

In my early 20s, I started living with persistent performance anxiety because of never stopping to recharge, restore and rejuvenate. I looked good on the outside, and I was crushing it, but on the inside, I was getting crushed by excess stress and fatigue.

I always had so much going on; it wasn’t long before I was barely hanging on, and it started to affect my health, success, relationships, and well-being.

“By 31, not yet at midlife, I was having my second “midlife crisis,” still long before I knew anything about burnout, energy, or how to manage it and I thought something was wrong with me!”

The 2000 market crash happened just as I was crashing, signaling that I finally had to correct course. I exited my entrepreneurial life and took a job in corporate sales. I needed a break, a long one, without all the responsibilities of entrepreneurial life. I went to work, slept, walked, and started thinking about a new approach.

I decided to turn my lemon into lemonade

Working 10 hours daily in one role was almost a vacation for me.


But while my new, much lower-pressure life was simpler, despite regaining my energy and it being lucrative; it wasn’t fulfilling. Before I knew it, I was already preparing for my biggest venture. And this time, I was going to steer clear of excess stress and fatigue, thinking, “I had learned my lessons,” but life said otherwise.

When I returned to the life I knew, as an entrepreneur and business owner, albeit even more educated about how to stay “healthy,” I still didn’t know much about energy or how to manage it for the “high performance” needed to achieve my goals.

I defaulted to the old ways, was overly confident, and set the stage. I experienced the most fatigue of my life, as my health and performance suffered again under the weight of overexertion. And if it forced me to ask the question.

I never left the game; I just changed the structure of my life, and now it was time to change my life and workstyle.

Decades and $3 Million Dollars

After years of suffering, constant tiredness, fatigue, and periodic burnout, I set out to solve the real problem with the whole solution in the face of a life full of opportunity. I wanted to stop the old and unsuccessful ways of increasing my energy amidst unhealthy attempts at high performance and learn new ways.

I emphasized some of the core lifestyle components in those early days. But “decent” sleep, nutrition, and exercise…, for example, are only the start to achieving ambitious goals with your health and well-being intact.

Overall, it took decades and nearly $3,000,000 in just the accountable costs to get free of performance addiction and learn how to recharge, restore and manage my energy in a healthy high “performance lifestyle.”

That I was “driven or ambitious” was never the problem. I still am today. I was just too dependent on myself; I wasn’t managing my energy and didn’t have enough lifestyle support for success without distress.

How can one achieve even their most ambitious goals and fulfill their highest calling without burning out or trading their health for success?

lessons learned...

So, I stopped endlessly striving and overachieving and eliminated my ambivalence about my situation. I started to learn about energy, how to manage it better, and develop the “performance lifestyle” mindset and the skill sets of healthy high achievers who thrive. And as I shared my story and the discoveries that were helping me, more and more men and leading women started showing up.

Men for example who were trying to overcome constant tiredness and fatigue with all of the old ways that never worked and will never work started to raise their hands. They were done numbing themselves and going solo through all the male default inertia, the path of least resistance, never complaining or explaining, while going through all of the physical and psychological pain that debits their joy and longevity. They felt, precisely the way I did, wanted to learn the new way, and didn’t want it to take decades!

my story collage

Manage Your Energy Like a Pro®

Start Living a Healthy, High-Performance Lifestyle®




Thriving High Achievers

was Born

Today my company, Performance Lifestyle Inc. is dedicated to training and coaching mostly male and leading female entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals to become thriving high achievers. Pros with abundant reserves of vital energy and healthy high-performance lifestyles that support them, so they can prosper and sustain success without the distress that starts with depleted energy and leads to burning out and wearing out. We help them live their true potential, recharge, and restore their bodies and learn how to manage their energy as the pros do. 

As an in-the-game entrepreneur, my company is also the founder of REGENUS CENTERS, where we help our clients unlock their bodies’ resilience to bounce back from stress, pain, and fatigue with proactive recovery solutions that dramatically improve health and performance.

Success without the energy to enjoy it, is no fun.

Our Values

We believe in understanding the present situation and applying the right solution:

Too often, when it comes to energy, health, and performance, practitioners and coaches are “hammers” for their specialty, and everything else becomes a nail; we don’t operate that way.

We believe in developing a lifestyle

Based on all the known fundamentals of successful living, illuminated by the idea of living a balanced, healthy, high “performance lifestyle.” That lifestyle should fully support the individual and what they are up to in the world.

We do not support living one way and then trying to resolve it with a short-term stint in another.

Your lifestyle must promote your energy and health, performance, and success, and it must be “set up” to do so in stages.

This insight is the crux of our work. Living grounded in your
true potential reveals the best version of you.

And if we live intelligently, in the right relationship with our body/brain, every aspect of our lifestyle and every area of our life can improve with much greater simplicity and ease.

We value grace and humility in what we are

Not who and how we think we should be, so that performance addiction can become a thing of the past and “the zone and flow” can become our new normal

We only go into the past to the extent that it helps us in the present and future.

The past is just memories with feelings attached and does not represent our true, current, or future potential, even if we have to deal with significant consequences. We focus our clients on what is important now and have gratitude that it’s getting better here forward.

We practice

Aligning life structure and lifestyle with goals so that people can become healthy, high-achieving people who thrive with fewer distractions that hold them back.

We believe in evidence-based science.

We don’t promote status quo answers that cannot withstand scrutiny. Instead, we reduce every challenge to its root cause. We believe that once you find the original cause, you resolve problems in a way that works.

We believe that life force energy is not gender specific.

Many men believe that life force energy is feminine, and that psychological strength is more male. That’s all nonsense.


Free training

Success Without Distress

The 5 Shifts Men and Leading Women Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals in Their 40s and 50s Are Making to End Constant Tiredness and Fatigue.

(Without sacrificing their income, impact, or authority.)



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