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Why Driven People Have a Hard Time Changing
Change Your Story
John Allen Mollenhauer

The Primary Reason Driven People Have a Hard Time Changing

I am an entrepreneur Lifestyle Coach and work with entrepreneurs and other driven people who commonly burn out and essentially trade their health for Success because they don’t have healthy performance lifestyles. Along the way, they cope with excess stress

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What does it mean to live your life like a pro?
Live Like a Pro
John Allen Mollenhauer

What does it mean to live your life “like a pro?”

Helping you live your life “like a pro,” is part of our marketing here at We help people to optimize the way they live so they can achieve even their most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant

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Improve Your Lifestyle Improve Your Life
Optimal Living
John Allen Mollenhauer

Improve Your Lifestyle, Improve Your Life

There is so much discussion about vaccines and masks, supplements and detoxes… to stay healthy, and the term lifestyle is used almost as an afterthought. Yet, to improve your life—your energy, health (and everything that goes with that), and your

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On the Path to Becoming a Healthy High Achiever Who Thrives

Get Free of the SAD – Standard American Dream-Driven Way of Life and Get Into a Healthy, High-Performance Lifestyle

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