90-Day Performance Lifestyle® Coaching Program

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Welcome to Lifestyle Coach JAM, where you unlock your true potential by learning how to Manage Your Energy Like a Pro and develop High Performance Lifestyle® HPL

This is our 90-Day Coaching Program

Are you a person who is ready to change and upgrade your Lifestyle to achieve your ambitious goals without burning out or trading your health for success?


If yes, you are in the right place.

Lifestyle Coach JAM will help you free yourself from the hidden lifestyle challenges that are distracting and holding you back from achieving your ambitious goals and living the quality of life you want. 

Our clients are typically grinders, overachievers, and high achievers who are engaged in unhealthy attempts at high performance.

It all wears them down, leaving them in energy debt— overwhelmed, exhausted, overstimulated, under-recuperated, super busy, and physically inactive amidst relentless demands on their time and energy.

As working parents, entrepreneurs, or otherwise driven business professionals, they end up emotionally spent and stuck in stories that don’t serve them, which compound over time and give rise to fatigue, weight gain, mental and physical health conditions; and ultimately, chronic disease conditions that get harder and harder to get out of.

That living hell is hard to deal with and compounds over time unless you change, improve, optimize your lifestyle, and keep it all aligned to support your goals and quality of life.

When you start optimizing your lifestyle, you begin creating genuine and generous reserves of energy, reliable health, and the capacity and skills to perform at high levels without constantly tiring out, burning out, and wearing your body out.  And trading your health for success. 

Ultimately you develop a healthy, high-performance lifestyle, the benefits of which will positively affect every area of your life from your mental and physical health, your relationships, your earning ability, and all the new things you can afford. 

I coach my clients on applying the key skills they need to transform from that living hell they are presently enduring to having the energy, health, performance, and well-being they need to feel like a true success.

Now it’s your turn. Learn more, and then let Lifestyle Coach JAM help you correct the course for the future you want. 

Lifestyle Coach JAM offers progressive lifestyle coaching packages for entrepreneurs, driven business professionals, creators/influencers, and individuals like you who are faced with relentless demand on your time and energy and want to recapture the zest and zeal you used to feel. 

What Makes Lifestyle Coach JAM Different?

What makes Lifestyle Coach JAM different is that he spearheaded the development of the never-before-assembled formula for living a healthy, high-Performance Lifestyle®, a philosophy and approach for living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals.

You'll Receive the HPL Blueprint Up Front So You've Got Future Clarity

When you begin lifestyle coaching with jam, you don't get the standard coaching "toolkit;" you get the step by step Upgrade Blueprint for developing a healthy high performance lifestyle. We assess your present situation and circumstances and get you on a direct path to the success you want.

Designed to Achieve Your Goals

Your Lifestyle is more than how you sleep, eat and exercise, albeit those aspects are among the most essential. When you learn all the lifestyle fundamentals and apply them to how you approach the achievement of your goals, everything gets better.

Our 90 Day Lifestyle Coaching Packages

Get you started on the DIRECT PATH to reducing your sleep and energy debt. To have more energy, better health, and higher performance, choose the 90-day lifestyle coaching package that is right for you.

You'll receive the High Performance Lifestyle® Blueprint when you do, to guide you as you on the path.

It's the simplest, most direct way to save up to 20 years of trial and error, recapture the zest and zeal you used to feel, and become a healthy, high-achieving man you are capable of being.

The Performance Lifestyle Blueprint-1

90-Day Coaching Program

I customize your coaching, to address your present situation and circumstances, to help you make significant and measurable progress over the course of 90 Days.

The HPL Podcast.


Sign up for three months of lifestyle coaching to accelerate your healthy High-Performance Lifestyle® Blueprint implementation and accomplish more than you ever would on your own. 

All packages come with a money-back guarantee!

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90-Day Coaching Program, Training and Support to Unlock Your True Potential



Follow the steps outlined in any coaching session, or program, and show evidence of having done so, and if you aren’t measurably better after taking those steps, we’ll refund your cost.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle
w/Group Coaching

$197.00 / Week / Session
$ 197 Pay 12 weeks upfront and get the BLUEPRINT FREE
  • $197 - Blueprint Included
  • 35 Minutes Once a Week (12 Weeks
  • FB Live Weekly Group Coaching
  • Weekly Scheduled Group Coaching
  • Pay 12 Weeks = $2,364 (checkout)
35 Minutes

Upgrade Your Lifestyle
& 55 Min One-on-One Coaching

$297.00 / week / Session
$ 297 Pay 12 weeks upfront and get the BLUEPRINT FREE
  • $197 - Blueprint Included
  • 55 Minutes Once a Week (12 Weeks)
  • Schedule anytime within a week
  • FB Live Group Weekly Coaching
  • Pay 12 Weeks = $3,564 (checkout)
55 Minutes

The Lifestyle Blueprint℠
& 20 Min One-on-One Coaching

$49.00 / Week / Session
$ 49 Pay 12 weeks upfront and get the BLUEPRINT FREE
  • $197 - Blueprint Included
  • 20 Minutes Once a Week (12 Weeks)
  • Schedule anytime within a week
  • FB Live Group Weekly Coaching
  • Pay 12 Weeks = $588 (checkout)
20 Minutes

The Lifestyle Blueprint℠
& 35 Min One-on-One Coaching

$87.00 / Week / Session
$ 87 Pay 12 weeks upfront and get the BLUEPRINT FREE
  • $197 - Blueprint Included
  • 35 Minutes Once a Week (12 Weeks
  • FB Live Weekly Group Coaching
  • Schedule anytime within a week
  • Pay 12 Weeks = $1,044 (checkout)
35 Minutes

The Lifestyle Blueprint℠
& 55 Min One-on-One Coaching

$137.00 / week / Session
$ 137 Pay 12 weeks upfront and get the BLUEPRINT FREE
  • $197 - Blueprint Included
  • 55 Minutes Once a Week (12 Weeks)
  • Schedule anytime within a week
  • FB Live Group Weekly Coaching
  • Pay 12 Weeks = $1,644 (checkout)
55 Minutes

Get The Performance Lifestyle Blueprint and Work With a Lifestyle Coach to Start Your Upgrade Over the Next 90 Days

It’s time to make what’s right for You, what you love to do, and start living at your full potential for yourself, your family, and your success.  


Working with Lifestyle Coach JAM can help you begin “Implementing” the lifestyle blueprint and enable you to build a healthy, high-performance lifestyle mindset and skillset.  


Starting where you are, you’ll make massive progress on the most important lifestyle skills, habits, and routines for you, given your present situation and circumstances. 


You will build momentum and establish a plan for the rest of the year. 


Follow the steps outlined in any coaching session, or program, and show evidence of having done so, and if you aren’t measurably better after taking those steps, we’ll refund your cost.

Performance Lifestyle Coaching Focuses on The 12 Lifestyle Skills You Need to Know to Live Your Life, Like a Pro.!

Manage Your Energy Like a Pro--Develop a High-Performance-Lifestyle-Blueprint

It’s time to Live a Better Life for yourself, your family, and Your Success.  

Want to Ask Lifestyle Coach JAM a Question?


Lifestyle Coach  JAM will help you LIVE Your Full Potential. Call JAM today.

A Performance Lifestyle is a lifelong discipline that can build momentum, strength, and commitment. With a positive group of achievers that can be fun, accountable, and instructive, anyone can do it. There will always be new ideas, alternative methods, medicines, nutrition offers, and growing uses of technology that will have both positive and negative impacts on your health and lifestyle. JAM is the resource for me and a team to keep me at the leading edge of performance capacity.

Paul Hinderlang

Leadership Consultant

After 2 years of consulting experts in various fields and receiving no improvement to my condition of Chronic Fatigue, I finally spoke with John Allen and explained my frustration and lack of improvement. In 20 minutes, JAM not only identified the root of my problem, but he gave me a solution that in a matter of 2 weeks began to drastically improve my condition. He described how healthy people like me get caught in this and sometimes never escape without proper rest and time. It is now 8 months later, and my health and energy level is the best it has been in years. Thanks, John I think you saved my life….

Matthew D. Miglin

The Voice of Prosperity, Publishing Expert Performance Mag NJ

As the administrator of the State of Kansas health promotion program for 40,000 employees, I thoroughly enjoyed working with John Allen and his staff to provide a wonderful series of tele-clinics for our employees. As an exercise physiologist and wellness professional I was impressed with the solid science behind Performance Lifestyle content…I am looking forward to working with John Allen and his team on future projects. John is a delight to work with. He follows through and provides even more than he promises.

Cheryl Miller

M.A., M.S. Exercise Physiology and Community Health Founder owner of Fairchild Wellness Retreat

I knew I was exhausted and needed a break from my high-achieving life, but I didn’t begin to acknowledge my true condition until hearing John Allen speak at the 2006 CoachVille Conference. The more I learn through about making performance lifestyle changes, the more I’m able to manage the precious energy that’s needed for goal achievement. Moving forward, my dedication to putting my health first will allow me to increase productivity without jeopardizing my health or success, like I have so many times before. I can achieve my work goals without sacrificing my performance goals! Seems so simple now; but all it took was my willingness to do whatever it takes and accept John Allen’s know-how and support along the way. I look forward to further study and mastery of the process with the many resources JAM provides.

Joanne Goldman

Executive Software Sales

Almost one year ago today, John Allen and I started working together. I was unhappy with several aspects of my life: a low energy level, bad eating habits, a boring dead-end job and a going nowhere relationship. John Allen accessed my lifestyle and came to the conclusion that the single most important thing that I could do to improve my life was to (drum roll please) SLEEP!After several conversations with John, I was convinced to make a commitment to start adding sleep time. I started to feel much better almost immediately. No more falling asleep at my computer, less grouchy behavior and dreading getting up. I started getting out of bed to meet the day head on! Getting more sleep helped me find the energy to look for and land a new, exciting job and to end my going-nowhere relationship. My performance lifestyle is getting better and better!

Cindy McCormick

Convention Marketing Novo Nordisk

I never thought of myself as an “achiever” but now I realize that I am. I have found that just spending time in John Allen’s space has taught me tremendously about the process of changing my lifestyle to promote MY health. Since I met him, I have totally changed the way I shop at the grocery store. I am so much more conscious of the things I plan on putting in my mouth. I have made a serious effort to make any form of exercise part of my routine (walking, riding a bike, dancing around the house, etc.), and I have come to realize that rest and recovery has to be a part of my everyday life. I am 58, and am finding out for the first time that I can CHOOSE to live better; look, feel and perform better; exercise in my own way; and most importantly, give myself permission to rest when my body tells me I should. Life is good.

Maureen Piper

Grandmother and Executive Support

I no longer think about what I can’t or shouldn’t include in my diet, but rather that I can have as much nutrient-rich food as I like because it’s health promoting. The results are amazing! It’s amazing how much time I have to focus on my family and career goals now that diet and exercise issues are becoming enjoyable and effective parts of my lifestyle.

Michele Katz

Business Executive, Coach

I thought I was eating healthy and working out a lot, yet I couldn’t lose the last 15 pounds to reach my goal weight. In one session, John Allen spotted the problems in my eating habits and directed me to the true way to eat healthy without struggling. In a few weeks’ time I am halfway to reaching my ideal weight, and I know that I will be there in another few weeks. But that is only the start of what I’m up to. I’m getting into a Performance Lifestyle! Thanks JAM!

Shamus Brown

Sales Coach and Internet Entrepreneur Industrial Ego

That’s was easily the best coaching I’ve ever had. JAM is helping me make key changes in my own lifestyle so I can serve others even better and further realize my goals in the second half. And amazing what a genuinely good night sleep will do! Thanks JAM.

Richard Roselli

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MSSW, MFT
Alex Mandossian

John Allen will show you the greatest lifestyle mindset and skillset strategy on earth as you create a performance lifestyle; the one thing. I highly encourage you take his teletraining series. You will not be disappointed.

Alex Mandossian

Marketing Online

I work with up to 200 entrepreneurs each year and John Allen is outstanding. He is passionate, professional, and committed to your success. Any client of John Allen’s will get results because he is a great coach!

Chris Barrow

Founder and Principal, Million Dollar Coaching Practice

I examined and upgraded my lifestyle. The Performance Lifestyle is realistic and practical for those of us who are up to achieving big dreams. Thanks JAM. I’m incredibly happy!

Rosemary Davies -Janes

President, Miboso Personal Branding Consultancy

John Allen Mollenhauer is one of the most knowledgeable health, fitness and personal performance trainers I know. The material he teaches is not based on the latest ‘fad’ or ‘quick-fix diet.’ John teaches solid principles that have stood the test of time, so they WORK! I believe he can help virtually anyone significantly improve their level of vitality, health and success. I’ve taught programs and seminars in the area of health to thousands of people over the last 10+ years and when I have a question, John is one of the first (and best) resources I turn to. Now I know it is about performance. If you want to look, feel and perform better, John Allen can help—he knows what he’s talking about!!

Bob Quintana

Entrepreneur, Author Speaker Trainer
Maret Maxwell

And it works. I am 54 years old and have been applying this approach for just over one year. In that time, I’ve lost 25 lbs of body fat, my blood glucose has gone from being my doctor’s primary concern to a topic we don’t discuss, and I have all the energy that I need for my lifestyle. I don’t go to a gym and I don’t go hungry. But what is most important is that the approach was so easy to integrate into my life, that I know I will stay on track. The monthly year round support I get in the Training Center really helps!

Maret Maxwell

Bio Medical Engineer
Giuseppe Grammatico

Performance Lifestyle has truly changed my life! It is the only Practice that is sustainable and uses a “Wholistic” approach to lifestyle. John’s weekend immersion really sent the message home along with the Monthly PL calls. Finally we have a practice or principles to live by that don’t have you on crash diets or give you daily regimens and focuses on what really matters achieving goals and improving quality of life. Thanks again!

Giuseppe Grammatico

Business Owner Building Services

If you are not ready to get started today, request a FREE introductory Consultation with Lifestyle Coach Jam.

Everyone has a different path with Lifestyle Coach JAM, but here is a general logical strategy. 

Download Free Ebook: Rise of the New Healthy, High-Performance Lifestyle® —Unlock Your True Potential and Get Out of Energy Debt for the Balance, Vibrant Health, and Peace of Mind You Need to Achieve Your Ambitious Goals. 30-minute read. 

The Vital Life Podcast— beginning to listen to the new episodes and get in tune with what Lifestyle Coach JAM is talking about as an artist of possibility, helping listeners unlock their true potential and live a healthy, high-performance lifestyle. Weekly episodes.

Insights Blog— Lifestyle Coach JAM publishes powerful INSIGHTS on his blog weekly. Read some of the back blogs, or start tuning in. 10 minutes each generally. 

FAQs—Frequently asked questions are an old feature of websites, which, in this case, are incredibly valuable to your understanding of what you can expect from Lifestyle Coach JAM. In 30 minutes, you can read them all. 

Books— by JAM and their subjects highlight big inflection points that will help you develop a high-performance lifestyle. Read as you go. 

MyHPL℠ Blueprint— getting a copy of the blueprint is where you start developing your high-performance lifestyle. It highlights The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance© that translate to the courses and modules to build your high-performance lifestyle. It also includes The 3 Levels of Lifestyle Optimization©, The Healthy High-Performance Habit-Building System©, the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Checklists, and more. 

You can get this from the start and participate in our Introduction to HPL Monthly Calls with JAM so you can formulate your strategy.  

Courses— The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance© form the bulk of the HPL curriculum that Lifestyle Coach JAM trains and coaches on. Each “core essential” translates a course into modules. With your HPL blueprint, you follow the path until you’ve completed each module in a course and then move on to the next “course.”  

Group Support and Coaching—once you’ve purchased your first course, you can join group coaching and support to help you implement it. There are two levels: 

1: Access to our Facebook Group and Private Community at Lifestyle Coach JAM, with access to Group Coaching Videos from JAM and Office Hours where you can ask questions on the aspect of the lifestyle you are focused on at present. This approach will enable you to connect the dots.

2: All of the above, with one private coaching call per month for 40-50 minutes, will enable you to discuss your situation and circumstances confidentially with Lifestyle Coach JAM. 

HPL Coaching—for those who are well on their way to implementing their blueprint through group support and coaching, once they have enough of the curriculum under their belt, they can fill out an application for the HPL High-Performance Lifestyle® coaching with Lifestyle Coach JAM.  

Lifestyle Coach JAM serves entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and professionals, and otherwise, people with a lot of demand on their time and energy, and and whom have ambitious goals. 

People who get that to achieve their ambitious goals they need to live optimally, else they will burn out and trade their health for success. 

Lifestyle Coach JAM and his team are Performance Lifestyle® Coaches. Unlike a traditional health or lifestyle coach, we address your energy, health, and performance with a constant eye on your present situation and circumstances to keep excess stress in check. This approach serves and supports the achievement of your goals and your vision for your life. 

It doesn’t make sense to separate health from your life success, so we focus on making sure you bridge the gap with a Performance Lifestyle or High-Performance Lifestyle. 

Healthy Performance = Lifestyle Success. 

Unlike most coaches, health or life coaches, Lifestyle Coach JAM is not just helping you improve your sleep, nutrition, or fitness or focus on your career or business goals alone.

Instead, he’s focused on helping you develop a healthy, high-performance lifestyle, which will help you achieve your goals by helping you upgrade and optimize the way you live and work.

That required a blueprint, training courses, group support, coaching, and solutions, all decades in the making; a comprehensive lifestyle curriculum that Lifestyle Coach JAM will inspire, educate and support you in implementing at a pace that works for you.

Everyone will take their path as it depends on where you start and how you discover Lifestyle Coach JAM.

A generally great approach would be to subscribe to Lifestyle Coach JAM and Download this Ebook FREE ebook:

Join==>> The Rise of the New Healthy, High-Performance LifestyleUnlock Your True Potential and Get Out of Energy Debt for the Balance, Vibrant Health, and Peace of Mind You Need to Achieve Your Ambitious Goals.

Plus: Get Lifestyle Coach INSIGHTS Every Week to Upgrade and Optimize Your Lifestyle.

Once you do that you will learn more about the lifestyle optimization path we offer, which most often starts by purchasing the HPL Blueprint, and taking the incremental and available courses that will help you begin developing your healthy, high performance lifestyle step by step. 

The answer to that is no, at least not now.

John Allen Mollenhauer started Lifestyle Coach JAM, recognizing that training had to precede coaching to offer his customers and clients the best value.

When it comes to your lifestyle, you’ve first got to understand the mindset, principles, practices, and strategies for optimizing the way you live, i.e., skillsets.

We offer group support and coaching with optional one-to-one lifestyle coaching, once per month, attached to our training courses at a low cost for that reason.

You can then maximize private one-to-one coaching when and if needed for the best return on the time and capital invested once you are inspired and educated on living a healthy, high-performance lifestyle with support already in play.

That said, you can hire a coach at any time.

Yes, sure you can. 

LifestyleCoachJAM.com was designed to deliver on what it actually means to “set yourself up for success” as a result of optimizing the way you live step-by-step, starting where you are. 

While the free e-book “The Rise of the Healthy, High-Performance Lifestyle” and the book “Unlock Your True Potential” give you an understanding of the problem you are solving and the big picture; the actual implementation happens in four main courses broken down into modules. 

These bite-sized modules will help you improve one essential aspect of your lifestyle at a time.  

There is much more to your lifestyle than how you eat, move, and sleep, but this is not enough to get the results you are looking for; it never was. Those achieving desired outcomes and sustaining them are always doing more.

That’s why the healthy, high-performance lifestyle is emerging, especially in the fast-paced performance culture we are living in today, where the natural boundaries we once depended on are mostly gone due to information technology.

Today, you need to understand what many (not all) healthy, high-achieving professionals have known for some time; you need a whole lifestyle to support you and what you are up to in the world, and that’s called a high-performance lifestyle.

It’s important to you because once you master the fundamentals of a healthy, high-performance lifestyle, your life transforms for the better forever.

Each principle and practice of a High-Performance Lifestyle is based on peer-reviewed research, scientific studies, and practical sense with sound anecdotal logic when scientific research isn’t available.

The human performance science we draw upon includes evolutionary biology, bioenergetics, personal energy management, mindfulness, and meditation. 

We also draw from high-nutrient density nutrition, functional fitness, biohacking and lifestyle optimization, positive, narrative psychology, CBT—cognitive behavioral therapy, goal achievement, and more.

A High-Performance Lifestyle is based on scientific research on the most effective lifestyle strategies that implement the scientific findings.

However, the application of lifestyle skills can vary, as each person’s circumstances are different and at a different level of development, which we refer to as The 3 Levels of Lifestyle Optimization©. 

The Resolve Phase: You are resolving the underlying problem and putting a new cause into play. i.e., nutrient-poor eating gets replaced with eating whole food, nutrient-rich.   

The Evolve Phase: You are transitioning from the previous behaviors and their effects to new behaviors resulting from a new lifestyle mindset and skillsets.  

The Achieve Phase: You are living the desired results and continue to optimize your lifestyle as you and your body adapt to higher levels of achievement.  


The world of elite athletics inspired the high-Performance Lifestyle, but it applies to everyone. 

Bill Bowerman, the founder of Nike, famously said, “if you have a body, you are an athlete,” but don’t worry if you don’t have that mindset. 

The noun athlete comes from the Greek word athletes, meaning “contestant in the games.” Anyone who competes in sporting competitions can be called an athlete, but usually, the term is reserved for people with a high level of dedication, skilland development.

That said, we ARE all athletes defined by the last line of the above definition, making there more than one kind of athlete. I.e., spiritual athletes, parental athletes, entrepreneur athletes, corporate athletes, student-athletes, and sports athletes. The list goes on. 

We must all manage our energy, be free to live the lives we are and aspire to, know how to live healthy successfully, and respond to stress in ways that create more energy, not more stress on the path to achieving our goals. 

Whether on or off the sports field, we are all on the field.

Successful sports athletes are obvious members of our society, but being a mom or dad, a driven business professional, an entrepreneur, or an executive also requires a high-Performance Lifestyle.  

If you want to succeed and sustain without constant tiredness, burnout, prematurely wearing yourself out, or trading your health for success, then you want to learn how to live a healthy, high-performance lifestyle. 

Addressing constant tiredness, burnout, and how to recover from fatigue is the heart of living a High-Performance Lifestyle. It’s why learning how to manage your energy like a pro is a primary objective in the High-Performance Lifestyle curriculum.

There is no aspect of a performance lifestyle that does not rely at least on a basic understanding of the science of energy, the energy principles, and the core lifestyle practices around energy management.

Manage Your Energy Like a Pro—the initial deep-dive course with eight modules— is where you start when you get your high-performance lifestyle blueprint. 

High Performance starts where you are, and as you develop and build more skills, you find yourself in a high-performance state more often, but never all the time.  

So, we are very sensitive to this condition, as it was this condition in our founder that inspired the development of the healthy, High-Performance Lifestyle® and Lifestyle Coach JAM. 

With the HPL blueprint, you can “get it” in minutes, but it will generally take 36 months to get to a level of mastery.

That’s good news because many people spend 20 years or more and don’t even master how to eat!

You’ll live like a pro from minute one and keep getting better with the prospect of high performance in less than three years!

Here’s the thing: you must first take all these steps in a deliberate, macro sense and then build them into your day’s micro-steps. You have both a mindset to develop and a skill set, and it takes some time to sink in, but nothing will enable you faster than the HPL blueprint, the training courses, group support, and coaching that we offer here at Lifestyle Coach JAM.

You have a very habituated lifestyle right now, with countless routines you’ll want to change, improve or optimize for healthy, high performance.

How much better can you live? There is always “better!”

Yes, it’s only natural that you would, if you were:

  • Managing your energy like a pro and no longer burning out, 
  • Dropped the weight of the past and the anxiety of the future 
  • Clear on how to live healthily and successfully no matter how tough your environment 
  • Navigating stress like it was an energy bar 
  • Owning your alignment to support your highest goals 

Don’t you think? 

That said, High-Performance Lifestyle training and coaching is not about weight loss, muscle building, and sports training in the way we teach it. Our clients are typically not sports athletes; they are striving, overachieving, and high-achieving entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and working parents. But as stated earlier, we instill an athletic mindset and lifestyle skillset because living to perform well and achieve your goals is the most effective way to approach life. 

No, people have all kinds of stories about lifestyle change being hard. It can be challenging, no doubt, particularly at the stage where you are making the initial change, which we refer to as The Resolve Phase. 

But you need to understand that your approach is everything, and if you believe it’s hard, it’s hard. So you will need to learn how to change your story. 

Every obstacle is a doorway to another aspect of the High Performance Lifestyle; this is not called a high-performance diet or fitness routine. It’s a high-performance “lifestyle” that’s healthy!

There are 3 levels of lifestyle optimization©, and you don’t want to start at level three because you won’t be successful at that level, and that’s what most people do. 

Understanding how habits are built is crucial, starting with tiny patterns and micro-steps that eventually grow into full-blown ways of life!  

A lifestyle change is not a one-and-done deal, as it’s often referred to; it’s ongoing, for starters. Plus, there are levels of adaptation, followed by improvement and optimization. 

We take you through all three—the resolve, the evolve, and the achieve phases. 

Before you live a high-performance lifestyle, you have to know what a Performance Lifestyle is, and before you can do that, you have to know what’s healthy and how to live healthy in any situation. 

Before you can do that, though, you have to learn how to be free to live, no longer weighed down by the past you cannot change or anxious about the future you have yet to live.   

But before you’ll even do that well, you’ve got to have the energy to change and improve, and that’s why we start with learning how to manage your energy like a pro. 

Watch what happens when you start with a blueprint, so you know where you’re going, and change is not vague or happenstance. 


Frankly, the Blueprint and the courses, as they are available, are the most essential. Some people, generally 5% of the population, are a do-it-yourself-er. That’s perfectly fine.

You’ll learn more and implement it all faster if you have group support and coaching in your corner.

To implement the HPL Blueprint, even highly-trained people need inspiration, education, and support, along with time. That’s why we offer it. There is a lot to know and learn, not just from Lifestyle Coach JAM, but from other people who are on the path to becoming “healthy” high achievers who thrive.

Few people are true experts at a high-performance lifestyle, so being engaged with others seeking transformation and better-than-expected results from the development of their lifestyle is very useful.

You don’t start living at “high performance” from the start. You are where you are and develop high performance over time. 

  1. The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance© offers the most comprehensive lifestyle change, improvement, and optimization training available to help you develop a high performance lifestyle in fives courses of action.  

    You can expect to:

    1. Master the process of managing (sourcing, producing, and harnessing) your energy like a pro so that you have at least 2x more power throughout the year.

    2. Drop the weight of the past, meaning the gravity of your experience, mistakes, failures, and successes, so that you can be free to live authentically in the present and make the zone and flow your new normal.

    3. “Healthy” goes by many definitions and isn’t significant unless you understand health principles. Once you know them, you can dramatically improve your health as you learn how to live healthy successfully no matter how challenging the environment.

    4. Stresses of all kinds, not just your response, need to be managed, reduced, or eliminated to give rise to more energy, not more anxiety; this is when you start living a healthy, performance lifestyle.

    5. You need to own your alignment for even higher levels of performance and productivity, affording you more time with yourself and your family. When you make the big choices that create life structure, lifestyle, and goal alignment, you’ll have efficiency and effectiveness that used to be out of reach in high-performance lifestyle, where better than expected results are regularly possible.

    Lifestyle Coach JAM spent more than 20 years developing the High-Performance Lifestyle, identifying the courses and modules you need to succeed, and building a support and coaching system that can help you get into one you can call your own. 

Lifestyle Coach JAM offers two types of one to one coaching.

Group Support and Coaching—once you’ve purchased your first course, you can join group coaching and support to help you implement it. There are two levels: 

1: Access to our Facebook Group and Private Community at Lifestyle Coach JAM, with access to Group Coaching Videos from JAM and Office Hours where you can ask questions on the aspect of the lifestyle you are focused on at present. This approach will enable you to connect the dots.

2: All of the above, with one private coaching call per month for 40-50 minutes, will enable you to discuss your situation and circumstances confidentially with Lifestyle Coach JAM. 

HPL Coaching—for those who are well on their way to implementing their blueprint through group support and coaching, once they have enough of the curriculum under their belt, they can fill out an application for the HPL High-Performance Lifestyle® coaching with Lifestyle Coach JAM.   


You utilize the inspiration, education, and support of Lifestyle Coach JAM as long as you need to. 

Lifestyle Coach JAM is entirely self-paced and self-directed. Once your purchase your HPL Blueprint, you can move through the courses at your own pace or as they become available. 

This curriculum is entirely new, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before because it’s helping you optimize how you live, which takes time. And, once you do, step by step, you keep getting better, more stable, more ready, better functioning, and performing.

You can utilize group support ongoing and coaching as you need it. You are not locked into unnatural processes. 

Some people stay for a year and go all in; some just come and get what they need and leave, checking in from time to time. 

The true answer is that duration with JAM is up to you, but we suggest you make the most of it, which would take about 36 months. 



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